Nuclear First Response UGV platform with N- Visage scanning Gamma Spectrometer.

Smith Engineering unveils its latest version of its award-winning MoonBuggy UGV for the remote surveillance of CBRN and other hazardous incidents.

The new model, MoonBuggy First Response, is equipped with Createc Ltd’s N-Visage equipment, a completely new
scanning gamma spectrometer - the only one of its type worldwide.

The all terrain platform to carry N-Visage is designed and manufactured at Smith Engineering’s 10,000 sq ft experimental and manufacturing facility in Maryport, Cumbria, UK.
Nuclear First Response UGV Moonbuggy
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The vehicle is capable of sending real time video, thermal images, GPS location data, air-born chemical data, identify isotopes and radiation levels back to the operator over distances of up to one mile from the incident.

UK Nuclear industry previously had no vehicle capable of working up to a 1 mile range within an incident before Smith Engineering made the breakthrough with its UGV, which was developed privately at the Maryport facility. There has been a Moonbuggy UGV based at the Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing site in Cumbria, UK for since 2006.

The N-Visage Gamma Camera and software is a device which uses a smart image reconstruction algorithm to eliminate many of the physical constraints that apply to standard gamma cameras.

The ability to
effectively 'see' radioactive material has huge advantages for those managing nuclear plants and radioactive wastes in the civil nuclear industry. The Createc Gamma Camera makes it possible to produce a visible representation of radiation, overlaid on an optical image.
• Createc N-Visage Gamma Imaging unit
• Images gamma radiation into software interface
• CZT spectrometer to identify Isotope
• 2 scan modes, 4 minute quick + detail to 2° accuracy
• Operates at > 100 mSv
• Control Systen: wLan (2.4gHz). Umbilical control optional
• Range:
250m as standard with weather-proof (IP54) OCU
• Vision System:
1.2gHz real time video link, 1x forward facing wide view operators camera, 1x 360 zoom-able inspection camera, others optional
• RS232 based electronic system
Power Source: 15.3kW 44.5Nm Perkins Diesel engine Speed Control: Variable speed control
Transmission: Hydrostatic drive to six wheels
Max Speed: 20 mph
Steering: 6 wheel drive skid steer. 0° Turning circle
Range: 2hrs on standard tank, larger capacity tank available
Length: 1950 mm
Width: 1350 mm
Height: 2500 mm
Ground Clearance: 250 mm
Weight: 450 kg (990 lb)
Payload: N/A
MoonBuggy First Response UGV
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