UGV Development Moonbuggy is a platform aimed at clients wishing to develop the basic Moonbuggy First Response vehicle to their own needs.

MoonBuggy First Response UGV is a versatile, compact, multi-purpose, unmanned ground vehicle with an operational range of up to 1 mile (limited to 250m for operator safety).

Potential applications of the development UGV include site area monitoring, survelliance, equipment & logistics support (300kg payload) etc,

Six wheel drive hydro-static drive platform allows for wheel redundancy, an advantage over rough and unpredictable terrain especially when operated beyond line of sight.
UGV Development Moonbuggy
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Control Systen: 458Hz RF. Umbilical control optional
Range: 250m as standard with weather-proof (IP54) motive control unit
RS232 based electronic system
Diesel-hydraulic drivetrain (petrol & hybrid electric available) with floating engine platform allow for smooth proportional low speed control, high loaded top speed (20mph) and predictable handling even on inclines of up to 45°.

All steel construction with a design life in excess of ten years. High quality powder coating in a variety of colours & finishs to all structures to provide protection from the environment.
Power Source: 15.3kW 44.5Nm Perkins Diesel engine Speed Control: Variable speed control
Transmission: Hydrostatic drive to six wheels
Max Speed: 20 mph
Steering: 6 wheel drive skid steer. 0° Turning circle
Range: 2hrs on standard tank, larger capacity tank available
Length: 1950 mm
Width: 1350 mm
Height: 1100 mm
Ground Clearance: 250 mm
Weight: 350 kg (770 lb)
Payload: 300 kg (660 lb)
MoonBuggy Development UGV
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